May 22, 2019


No Gov’t interested in destroying businesses – Nii Kotei Dzani

No Gov’t interested in destroying businesses – Nii Kotei Dzani

The President of Groupe Ideal and Member of the Council of State, Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani has said that no Government is interested in destroying any business especially home-grown businesses.

He made this comment at the second edition of the Ideal Investor’s Forum held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra last Thursday.

In his welcome address to the investors and staff at the event, the Groupe President, commenting on the happenings in the Finance sector said “the sector has been in crisis over the last five years or so. Governments have tried to manage it; no government is interested in destroying businesses especially home-grown businesses. The interest of every Government is how to support indigenous businesses to help them grow and compete with businesses everywhere”

Though he admitted that the recent happenings in the financial sector are of worry to investors and businesses across the country he assured them that these decisions by Government will go a long way to improve the financial sector.

He urged investors to have faith in the financial sector since the current happenings in the sector pose no cause for alarm. “

You should know that Government’s focus is how to grow every sector of the economy, especially the finance and banking sector. It is true that businesses are not happy with governments new directives but these decisions and policies by government will improve the financial sector and the economy as a whole. Please continue to have faith in the sector because these happenings posses no cause for alarm”

In reassuring investors about the growth of Ideal Finance Ltd, Dr. Dzani said that company is focused on growing to serve the increasing needs of investors.

“At ideal, we ensure that our systems are robust and resilient, we are committed to meeting your every need. Government policies keep us on our toes and reminds us of the opportunity to grow and no more. For us, we are focused on the forward march to growth.”

The Investors’ Forum which brought together clients, management and staff of the finance house, and was hosted by Ideal Finance to serve as a platform to highlight the organization’s financials over the years, inform customers about new investment products and answer questions about happenings in the finance sector as a whole.

About Groupe Ideal

Groupe Ideal is a fast growing business group that manages a diverse portfolio of businesses primarily in Ghana with a long-term vision of becoming a world-class conglomerate. Established in 2010 as Ideal Finance, a money lending firm, the company has since its inception experienced phenomenal growth and now has operations covering diverse sectors with 14 companies in all with a focus on delivery of excellent tailor-made services and products.


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