May 19, 2019


Japan team leave World Cup dressing room clean with ‘thank you’ note

Japan team leave World Cup dressing room clean with ‘thank you’ note

Japan’s World Cup footballers have been hailed an “example for all teams” for leaving their dressing room spotless with a “thank you” note in Russian following their devastating defeat to Belgium.

The team were in tears on Monday night after they lost to Belgium 3-2 in the 94th minute of the knock-out game.

But despite their understandable heartbreak, the players found the time to clear up after themselves and write a thank you card in Russian.

A picture shared by a FIFA employee showed their spotless post-match dressing room.

“This is the Japanese dressing room after losing to Belgium in the 94′ minute,” she wrote.

“Thanked their fans in the stadium, cleaned up everything (bench and dressing room) and spoke to media. Even left note with ‘thank you’ in Russian.

“What an example for all teams!! Privilege to work with!”

Dejected Japanese fans were also pictured filling bin-bags with rubbish as they stayed to clear up after the game.

Touching images showed sombre-looking fans picking up litter and tidying it into blue bags just minutes after the county’s team suffered the 3-2 defeat in Rostov-on-Don.

Japan scraped through the group stages of the World Cup – managing to get an advantage on Senegal purely because of a better disciplinary record.

During Monday’s game, they managed to land themselves 2-0 up on Belgium, scoring two goals in four minutes during the second half.

But Belgium quickly responded with two goals of their own and managed to land a third in the 94th minute.

Fans fell to their knees in despair following the defeat, whilst some players covered their heads in towels as they sobbed.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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