February 21, 2019

Prosecute all persons involved in banks’ collapse – Ken Thompson

Prosecute all persons involved in banks’ collapse – Ken Thompson Ken Thompson

The Chief Executive of Dalex Finance, Ken Thompson, has called for the immediate prosecution of all persons implicated in the collapse of the seven local banks.

The banks which have all now been taken over are uniBank, UT, Capital, Sovereign, Beige, Construction and Royal banks.

It emerged that a 1.4 billion Ghana cedi-liquidity support injected by the Bank of Ghana to resuscitate the UT and Capital Banks were diverted into other ventures without due process.

Speaking on Citi TV’s current affairs program, Face-to-Face to be aired tonight, Ken Thompson called for swift legal action against all persons found culpable in the collapse of the Banks.

“5.6 billion has been allegedly taken by somebody and given to his wife, crony, and children. With this kind of money, they can buy power, they will buy the media, they will buy the judiciary, and the rest and the rest of us will be slaves, and we cannot allow that to happen, there is no way this should happen in Ghana. My children will not be slaves because somebody stole our funds. So let the matter go to court, if they are not guilty they should be set free if they are guilty lock them throw the key in the Odawna river ” he said.

The Finance Committee of Parliament is preparing to tackle the crisis in the country’s banking sector in a move that may feature public hearings to probe officials of collapsed banks.

According to the ranking member on Parliament’s Finance Committee, Cassiel Ato Forson, the leadership of the committee has resolved to investigate the crisis even though the House is currently on recess.

In the past few days,  an investigative report has surfaced indicting the directors and managers of some of the banks for the collapse.

According to the head of banking supervision, Bank of Ghana, Osei Gyasi, the criminal aspect of breaches perpetrated by the insolvent banks are likely to be dealt with in a court of law.

By: Farida Yusif/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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