June 18, 2019


J initiative signs MoU to protect the ‘digital rights’ of children

J initiative signs MoU to protect the ‘digital rights’ of children

A Ghanaian child-focused research and advocacy based non-governmental organization, J Initiative (JI), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya’s African Institute for Children (AIC) to strengthen the digital rights of children.

The agreement is also to among other things develop a holistic approach to childhood and child welfare development in the digital age.

The two institutions admitted that the partnership had become necessary to bridge the gap between the physical, digital and biological spheres in a bid to prepare the future generation adequately to manage the digital revolution taking place across the world.

Expected outcomes

Both J Initiative and the African Institute for Children will use modules such as child development, child rights and protection within the digital space, child health, essential education planning and delivery, protecting children in emergency and conflict, life skills, skilled parenting, research methods among others to achieve their goals.

The outcomes envisaged from the MoU include but not limited to creating synergy between theory and practice, knowledge sharing, training, advocacy for more responsive policies, legislation and programs.

Objectives of MoU

The MoU is to provide collaboration in the following areas:

  1. Building capacity of the child welfare workforce through knowledge sharing and training programs.
  2. Collaborate in research projects.
  3. Form consortiums in placing bids for project funds.
  4. Collaborate in advocacy for policy reforms including organizing conferences.
  5. Jointly design appropriate interventions to enhance the knowledge and capacity of service providers in Africa.

It is however expected that both parties respect each organization’s independence to seek mutual good and be motivated by the goal of improving child welfare in Africa.

Additionally, all programs shall follow through ethical guidelines, within an acceptable minimum child protection provision, will be professionally executed and in the best interest of children

Representatives of the two organizations

Roles and responsibilities of the two agencies

J Initiative uses knowledge, skills and expertise to work with partners to educate, respect and protect children and young people while dialoguing with policymakers on Child Online Protection and menstrual hygiene management in Ghana and beyond.

It holds policy advocacy consultations with the Ministry of Communication in Ghana under a bigger Cyber Security framework resulting in mass awareness programs throughout Ghana.

On the other hand, the African Institute for Children Studies is registered in Kenya by the NGO Coordination Board as a non-profit NGO. The institute also has operations in two other African countries. It is a leading institute for capacity building on childhood and children services in Africa and beyond. It aims to improve the quality of services to children and positively transform their lives through knowledge management and capacity building.

By: citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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