May 21, 2019


Citi TV to entertain movie lovers with ‘Chilly Christmas’

Citi TV to entertain movie lovers with ‘Chilly Christmas’

Ghana’s fast rising Television station, Citi TV as part of its line up of activities to entertain its viewers for the Holiday season will be airing the much acclaimed ‘Chilly Christmas’ movie.

The movie tells the story of how a young boy discovers his father is being transferred from sunshine beach to New York City, the boy has one week to turn his big beach dog into a ‘civilized’ indoor dog, while fending off dangerous dog-nappers on Christmas eve.

Released in 2012, ‘A chilly Christmas’ is written and directed by Gregory Poppen.

“It’s Christmas in California; the sun is shining, the beaches are filled with happy people. Bobby, age 11 (a likable Bryson Sams), with his devoted dog Chilly, is looking forward to a wonderful holiday. But his single, police detective dad (a fine C. Thomas Howell) has news for Bobby — he’s been offered a job with the FBI in New York City; they’ll be moving only days after Christmas

And, worst of all, they won’t be able to take Chilly with them; he’s an outdoor dog, not suited for big city life in an apartment. Desperate, Bobby and his good friends, determine to provide their own Christmas miracle and make Chilly suitable for the city.” excerpts of the synopsis reads.

The movie since its release in 2012, has seen some impressive ratings from movie fanatics and acclaimed industry players.

The 1 hour, 24 minutes  movie features casts such as Tom Arnold, Barry Bostwick and Julia Sobaski.

Chilly Christmas is showing on the 24th of December at 1 pm, on Christmas day at 8pm and on boxing day at 1pm. Other movies showing on Citi TV for the holiday season include; ‘A husband for Christmas’, and ‘A holiday Baggage’.

Don’t miss out on any of the movies showing this season on Citi TV this season. Television certainly got a new life this season.

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