April 23, 2019


David Oscar releases new song ‘Nyame Wo Mu’ [Audio]

David Oscar releases new song ‘Nyame Wo Mu’ [Audio]
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Ghanaian comedian and musician, David Oscar, has released a new song called ‘Nyame Wo Mu.’

The 3 minutes 34 seconds track is the first single recorded for his ‘Cosmical Vibrations’ album.

‘Nyame Wo Mu’ is a Twi language which means “there is God within.”

“In Akan,’nya’ means to get or to attain. ‘Me’ means me or Self. So if you put them together NYAME becomes get me or attain self. So the ancient Akan believes that you become a God when you know thyself,” he explained the concept of the song.

According to him, he has encountered numerous obstacles that would have stalled his evolution along his journey.

But for believing in himself, he attained and now fully recognises that the God he has been looking for permanently lives in him and is him.

“There will be trials, but once one begin to become what one believes, one shall overcome,” he said.

As an artist he is constantly trying to find ways to express himself. With this song he sure did just that.

The song has melodies and lyrics which are easy to sing along to.

Two verses are in English language with chorus and a hook in Twi.

David has songs like ‘Monalisa,’ ‘Legal Tender,’ ‘Get there One Day,’ among others.

By: Kwame Dadzie | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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