April 23, 2019


Keni Ribeiro’s to-do list for writing in a digital age

Keni Ribeiro’s to-do list for writing in a digital age
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Content creator and author, Keni Ribeiro has revealed her golden checklist for literature enthusiasts who would want to write for a digital audience.

Speaking on Ghana’s leading technology literacy show, Citi Trends on Citi FM, Keni Ribeiro indicated that the three top considerations for anyone writing for a digital audience are: “know what you want to write about and know your end game, think about the audience you want to entertain and lastly, create a community.”

Know what you want to write about and know your end game

According to Keni the first thing to consider is what you want to write about, how you plan to sustain it?

She added that “it’s easy to say I am good at writing in relation to sports, technology, lifestyle and fashion, but you need to think about what you will put up in the next three months. What can I put up that will be as interesting as the first one I put up?”

Think about the audience you want to entertain

She said one must have an idea about their readers are and write content that suits their needs, as well as being intentional about the content they produce.

“Think about the kind of audience you will want to entertain and you write to suit them because nobody is interested in diapers and cerelac if there aren’t nursing mothers. If you are writing about motherhood, make sure you have content that is relevant to mothers. If you think that there is a chance that fathers will pick up your blog, then think about what you can do to engage, entertain and inform them, be intentional about it don’t take anything for granted.” she noted.

Create a community

Creating a community brings loyalty to your platform, always engage with your audience and genuinely to nr interested in who they are and how you can help and celebrate them.

The right season to create digital content

Keni highlighted the need for content creators to work to address the increasing literature demands of the digital era.

She explained that apart from the development and opportunities creating content brings, it helps preserves our history.

“I think that this is the time to write. I feel like this is the season for content creation, whether we like it or not history is going past and it’s our job to document,”  she noted.

“Creating content doesn’t just have to be writing, it can be video, audio or podcasting. I mean this is really the season to create content, just do it….. Whatever you want to write about, create your niche, trust me this is really the time because everybody is hungry for content, everybody is hungry for something that will entertain them,” she noted.


Listen to the conversation Philip Ashon had with Keni Ribeiro on Citi Trends below:

By: Yaw Antwi Owusu | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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