April 19, 2019


FIFA/CAF Normalization Committee Special Competition cancelled

FIFA/CAF Normalization Committee Special Competition cancelled
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The FIFA/CAF Normalization Committee has announced the cancellation of the Special Competition which was intended to keep the clubs active till the end of the GFA normalization process.

The competition which was originally supposed to begin on January 26, was postponed 3 times before the eventual cancellation due to disagreements between the Premier League clubs and the Normalization Committee.

The competition, although a stop gap one, was particularly key because it was set to decide Ghana’s representatives at next season’s CAF inter club competitions.

In a statement confirming the decision, the Normalization Committee stated that the decision, although a difficult one, was necessary due to the inability to reach a common ground with all the clubs.

Below is the full Statement;

The GFA Normalization Committee (N.C) has cancelled the proposed Special competition aimed at engaging Ghanaian clubs whilst the reformation of Ghana football takes shape.

The Normalization Committee took time to meet the football community to help understand the challenges and problems facing Ghana football.

Clubs and players appealed to the N.C to do something and start football playing again.

The clubs said they were hemorrhaging with debt and their players were getting rusty.

The N.C heard their appeal and put together a tournament that was designed to make the game beautiful and encourage fans to go to venue centres and also watch on television.

There were arrangements to pay better fees to referees, budget for media hype to generate interest and a core of young volunteers to help generate interest in young people in football.

Additionally, plans had been put in place to telecast the matches to bring football to the doorstep of the people.

Unfortunately, because of the bad image no company was willing to align its brand with Ghana football hence no sponsorship was secured.

We then had to appeal to government to come to the rescue of the sad situation of Ghana football.

The government heard our plea and advanced 1.2m dollars not just to restart football but to train referees and also look at women football and colts football.

When we got the money the premier league clubs opposed the format of the competition; we bent to accommodate some of their concerns to come up with the final tournament structure that everybody agreed.

Anytime the game was about starting there was a hiccup from the premier league clubs and the tournament never started.

The N.C has come to a point where the truth must be told and the right things be done to save Ghana football which is a great asset for the people of Ghana even though it has private sector coloration.

We hereby cancel the proposed N.C tournament. We will engage the interest of government as to the other alternative uses to the funds advanced the Normalization Committee.

We sincerely apologize to the Division One league clubs who overwhelmingly subscribed to participate in the N.C Special competition.

We will come up with a new programme to keep them engaged whilst we reform Ghana football.

We want to assure the people of Ghana that Ghana football will be normalized, and will not allow the inherent greatness of our football to die on the alter of selfishness, greed and braggadocio.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah-Spokesperson GFA Normalization Committee

By: Citi Sports

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