May 20, 2019


Rapper Allan Al makes the case for profanity in art

Rapper Allan Al makes the case for profanity in art

A lot of musicians have come up in the past decade, who have been perceived as profane and therefore are denied their share of airplay.

However, Alan Al believes that the story of our world and ourselves can hardly be told without a bit of profanity.

“In telling a story, some parts that are vital to painting the picture may appear as profane. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong. This means it must be fed to the right audience… A topic is only totally profane if there is nothing to be learned.”

Allan Al is a fast-rising afrobeats/hip hop recording artist with real name Kwadwo Antwi Bosiako who has just dropped his first major single and anticipates to generate some buzz from it.

The artiste who explains his name A.L.L.A.N as A Living Legend Africa Needs and A.L as Africa Lives claimed the name truly reflects his style of Afrocentrism and originality.  He mentioned that his song titled “6Teen”, may contain adult content.  However, this was vital to explore the mind and how it reacts to everyday situations.

He believes the song is s a mind-blowing hip hop banger that is set to take the whole industry by storm. On the song, the young Allan Al daringly narrates how he got seduced by a girl-next-door who was 16.

Allan’s lyrical dexterity and style is exposed, as he narrates a story with rhythm.

The hook of the song gently sits on a classic instrumental, which makes the listener feel right at home.


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