April 24, 2019

GRIDCo transmission tower collapses; company suspects vandalism

GRIDCo transmission tower collapses; company suspects vandalism
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One of the transmission towers near the Head office of Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) at Tema has fallen over into another tower.

Officials of the GRIDCo discovered the fallen tower on Monday morning and noted that the bolts holding the pylon had been loosened causing it to fall over.

Before the discovery, customers from Accra to Kumasi faced power outages.

Currently, GRIDCo strongly suspects the collapsing of the pylon at Tema was an act of vandalism and not an attempted theft.

Its Director of Systems Operations, Mark Baah said in an interview with Citi News that: “The tower was actually vandalised. It wasn’t like somebody went to steal but we could see that bolts and nuts have been deliberately cut and we are lost for words as to who would do this.”

“The control centre noticed that there was a fault on the transmission line so when it happened, immediately some customers went off, not only in Accra and Tema but as far as Kumasi. They tried to restore the power and they realized that it was a permanent fault,” he narrated.

Though the fallen tower will not affect power during the day, there are concerns some parts of the country will be faced with outages, Mark Baah said.

He however added that that the company will work to minimize the impact on consumers.

“During the off-peak times, we don’t have any problems but the problem might come with power supply during the peak time in the evenings and we will do everything possible to minimize the impact.”

GRIDCo has since begun investigations into the circumstances that led to the vandalization of one of the transmission towers.

By: citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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