May 22, 2019


Kaiser Obodai launches book ‘Positioning Yourself for Global Impact’

Kaiser Obodai launches book ‘Positioning Yourself for Global Impact’

Minister Kaiser Obodai has launched his first book, “Positioning Yourself For Global Impact” at a ceremony at the Tomreik Hotel, East Legon in Accra last Sunday.

In this new released book, he gives some reasons on how to biblically ‘peg’ one’s ‘tents’ for global impact, and build a lasting legacy.

From the very beginning of creation, when God made man in His own image, He it clear in Genesis 1:28-30 that, it is His desire for humankind to be fruitful, replenish the earth and have dominion here; which includes having dominion over all that He has created.

The above scripture is one of the key instances that clearly indicates that God wants us to be a global influence.

In this book, one will discover that topics like Dig Deeper, Peg It Well, Power of Positioning and Wisdom for Positioning Highlight, how to biblically prepare one for global impact, and build a lasting legacy.

This book will not only enlighten you to strategically position yourself for global influence, but will also give you relevant perspective on life.

About the author

Kaiser Obodai Torgbor has more than a decade of ministerial experience.

He serves as an armor bearer of Author Raphaelle Antwi, the founder and visionary of RAIN (Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations) Foundations. RAIN Foundations is a parachurch, that seeks to lead people to discover and pursue their divine purpose and prepare towards eternity.

Over the years, Kaiser has played diverse leadership roles within the ministry, ranging from evangelism to sales and logistics. He heads Firebrands Network – a prayer network subsidiary of RAIN Foundations, and RAIN Missions.

He is also the Campus Director of RAIN Campus Ministry, which covers major Ghanaian tertiary institutions like KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science of Technology), University of Ghana, and University of Cape Coast.

Kaiser is passionate about purpose, service and leadership, and has spoken in various programs within Ghana and South Africa.

He is an alumnus of West African Senior High School, Accra, Ghana and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, from University of Professional Studies (UPSA), also in Ghana. He is happily married to his best friend, Enid.

You can contact +233546231995/+233246608942 for copies of the book or write to [email protected]

By: Kwame Dadzie | | Ghana

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