June 16, 2019


All set for launch of Zipline’s medical supplies services tomorrow

All set for launch of Zipline’s medical supplies services tomorrow

All is set for the launch of Zipline Ghana’s medical delivery via drone service in the country on Wednesday.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is expected to launch the initiative at Zipline’s first distribution center at Omenako, a town in the Suhum municipality in the Eastern Region.

Prior to the launch, some selected journalists had the opportunity to tour the facility on Tuesday to witness some test flights.

During the test flights, Zipline supplied the New Tafo Government Hospital with some medical supplies via its drone technology.

The Medical Superintendent at the New Tafo Government Hospital, Dr Kobina Awotwe Wiredu, described the Zipline drone technology system as a game changer.

Dr Wiredu while speaking to journalists who toured the drop zone at the hospital said the maternal and child health indicators will see a significant improvement once the whole country is covered by the drone services.

Government in 2018 approved the operationalization of Zipline’s drone technology to deliver essential drugs and blood to rural areas in the country amidst protest from Members of Parliament on the Minority side.

The $12.5 million contract is to enable the government to fly blood and other health essentials to deprived areas.

When at full operations, Zipline expects to be running over 150 flights per day from each of its four distribution centres nationwide.

Zipline – the world’s first national-scale drone delivery service, began its initial testing and diagnostic flights from its first distribution center at Omenako on March 1. 2019.

The revolutionary new service will use drones to make on-demand, emergency deliveries of life-saving medications to over 2,000 health facilities across the country.

Zipline launched a similar service in Rwanda in 2006 to improve public health delivery in that country.

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