May 25, 2019


Man trapped after digging hole to spy on ex-girlfriend

Man trapped after digging hole to spy on ex-girlfriend

A Mexican man has been rescued after he became trapped in a hole while spying on his ex-girlfriend.

Cesar Arnoldo Gómez had been ordered by a court to stay away from Griselda Santillán, due to domestic violence charges.

But instead of complying he dug a tunnel underneath his former partner’s house to spy on her.

The attorney general’s office in Sonora state said the man had spent days digging the tunnel in the northern town of Puerto Peñasco.

The plan backfired, after the 50-year-old became accidentally trapped in the tunnel. He remained there for around 24 hours.

Ms Santillán had heard scratching noises from beneath her floor in the week before the tunnel was discovered.

She told police officers that she initially assumed the noise was being made by cats.

After the sounds grew louder, she investigated, and found the mouth of the tunnel, along with several knives and a water bottle, according to Mexico News Daily.

“I saw some shoes, some knives and water to drink,” she told the El Universal newspaper.

Inside the tunnel was her former partner.

“I shouted to him and he ignored me,” she said.

He had been trapped inside for a day and had been calling for help.

When rescuers arrived Mr Gómez refused to leave the tunnel and had to be removed by force.

His former partner told police officers that she ended the 14-year relationship with him because of his jealousy.

Officers freed Mr Gómez from the tunnel and said he was severely dehydrated and appeared to be drunk.

The 50-year-old has since been jailed for violating the restraining order.

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