May 24, 2019


A/R: Motorists unhappy over ‘nuisance’ roundabout projects delay

A/R: Motorists unhappy over ‘nuisance’ roundabout projects delay

Motorists and other road users who ply the Kumasi-Accra highway are unhappy over the delay in the removal of some four main roundabouts on that stretch.

The removal of the four main roundabouts on the highway became necessary following numerous complaints by road users over heavy vehicular traffic experienced on the stretch.

The inability of contractors to complete the project after a four-month deadline proposed by the Roads and Highways Minister is worsening the traffic situation.

The Roads and Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako-Atta in 2018 described the Ejisu, Odoom, Boadi and Tech Police station roundabouts as a nuisance and asked that they should be removed.

He directed that the roundabouts should be redone and the roads at the intersections be expanded to make movement easier for drivers and commuters.

But a year on, the works are still ongoing, inconveniencing drivers and other road users.

One driver said; “before the start of this project, we were told work will be completed in four months, but it has been a year and the work is still not completed.”

“The delay is really affecting us especially we the drivers who operate around this area. The heavy vehicular traffic is unbearable. Because the roundabout has been removed there is no direction for vehicles coming from opposite sides. If care is not taken, an accident can occur,” the driver added.

Motorists are enduring the heavy vehicular traffic at the various intersections since most of them do not have any alternative than to use the stretch to their destinations.

Another driver who spoke to Citi News indicated that he will put the blame squarely on authorities who are supposed to ensure the projects are completed in time.

“I will not blame the Government for the delay in the completion of the project, but those in charge of the work. I am convinced the Government has done its part on the project and the delay should be coming from those supervising the work”, he said

The Core Construction Limited is in charge of the Boadi and Tech Police station roundabouts projects.

Group CEO, Frank Ramsay Lartey explained that his outfit is working on a heavily trafficked road which has been one of the challenges for the construction company.

According to him, the company also spent about three months in the relocation of electricity transmission lines and pipelines which he said delayed the completion of the project.

“Just like I always say: pregnancy is nine months but we can have babies in eleven months and others ten months. This is a built-up area so we cannot work anyhow in the day during the day, else we will create chaos. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are pleading with them to bear with us,” he appealed

Mr. Ramsay Lartey has assured that the project will be completed within the next three months.

Post source : Hafiz Tijani | | Ghana

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