May 25, 2019


Ga West: Residents stranded at Ghana card registration centres

Ga West: Residents stranded at Ghana card registration centres File photo

There was chaos across some registration centres of the National Identification Authority (NIA) within the Ga West Municipal Assembly.

Members of the public who were at the centres to register for their Ghana Cards complained about long queues, despite some arriving as early as 1 am.

Registration stalled at some centres while at other areas, it progressed slowly.

One of the frustrated registrants told Citi News that: “I am the second person in the queue because I came here around 12:30 am. I have filled my form and they are still not telling me anything. All they say is that I should be waiting here. It is not fair.”

“I am 80-years-old and so I don’t see the reason why I should sit down here all this while. What I want to know is why I will come around 12 am and still be here.  In  fact, at my age I should not join the queue in the first place. If pensioners have their own way, I should be at home by now. They should have at least grouped at according to age”, an elderly person said.

Some also said they were compelled to pay money due to the extremely slow process.

The exercise has been fraught with challenges including the shortage of registration forms.

Meanwhile, the National Identification Authority has cautioned against the payment of money to its officers.

Head of Corporate Affairs of the NIA, Assistant Commissioner of Immigration (ACI) Francis Palmdetti maintained that the exercise is free and anyone caught flouting the rules, would be dealt with according to the law.

“We do not condone or endorse any form of payment at any of the registration centers. This exercise is free an no member of the general public is expected to pay any amount of money at any point in the process. Even with the Commissioners of Oaths who are at the registration centers are not supposed to take money for the service they render, because all the officials at our centers are on contract and are being paid for the work they are doing. ”

“This exercise is free of charge and so if at any point in the process; money is demanded by any of our officials or you see them taking money from people in order to register them or you are told that [registration] forms have run out when indeed they have been hidden so monies can be taken from people – we expect the general public to report such issues,” he advised.

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