June 24, 2019


Methodist Church condemns murder of Asiakwa teacher

Methodist Church condemns murder of Asiakwa teacher Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Duah Dodd

The Methodist Church of Ghana has condemned the gruesome murder of  George Somuah Bosompem.

Mr.  Bosompem, a Religious and Moral Education teacher of the Asiakwa Salvation Army Basic School who was murdered by six former students of the school until his death was the Steward of the Asiakwa Methodist church a position he held for several years.

In an interview with Citi News at the one-week celebration held in honour of the late teacher,  the Synod Secretary of the Methodist Church Koforidua Diocese; Very Rev. Dr. Samuel Duah Dodd condemned the act saying it was a loss for the Methodist Church.

“This news was badly received by the Bishop of the Methodist Church and all its members, the fact is that our brother has been a steward for the church for a very long time and in the Methodist Church it means that he takes decision for the church with the minister and in the absence of the minister he takes charge of everything so his death has become a blow for the Methodist Church”.

“The church is now going back to sit and take decision on who to appoint to do the work he was doing. If you look at his wisdom, his dedication and commitment to the kingdom you realize this is a big blow for the church and we condemn this gruesome act”, he added.

The increasing spate of indiscipline 

Very Rev. Samuel Dodd who expressed regret about the spate of indiscipline in the society called on Ghanaians, parents and all stakeholders to instil discipline in children.

” When you compare this generation to the olden day generation, you will get to know that something is missing.  We hardly heard things like someone using tramadol, others attacking people with objects those days but now it is common. Those days when you do not go to Sunday school and you go to school the next day you are caned for not going to Sunday school and that instilled some level of discipline in kids”.

” All stakeholders must come on board now to address this issue because now people talk about not punishing children, not instructing them even when they go wrong and these things are killing the community and society. When you go to the scripture it talks about when you spare the rod you spoil the child – so we should go back and reflect on this as a society and correct the system now or the next generation will be worse off”.

Post source : Neil Nii Amatey Kanarku

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