June 24, 2019


Road safety regulations must be strictly enforced – Bishop James Saah

Road safety regulations must be strictly enforced – Bishop James Saah

The Senior Bishop of Action Chapel International, Bishop James Saah has described Citi FM/Citi TV’s campaign on indiscipline on the roads as a step in the direction.

About two weeks ago, management and staff of Citi FM and Citi TV launched a campaign against the growing spate of indiscipline on roads.

According to Bishop Saah who revealed his fears when driving on some roads in the country, successive governments have failed to ensure strict application of laws to deal with the growing indiscipline on the country’s roads.

In an interview with Citi News on the sidelines of the 30th Anniversary celebration of TheoVision Audio Bible Ministry, the pastor called on government to ensure the visibility of more uniformed men on the roads and enforce laws.

“Many years ago a president in Nigeria launched a war on indiscipline on roads and it worked there, I have lived in Nigeria but I get worried here because you drive on the road and people try to overtake you from left and right but the only thing they cannot do is go over you or under your car. People do not respect the red light and can put your life in danger. I think laws are not self-made or self-enforcing so the makers of the laws must enforce it and that is where there’s a missing link”.

Bishop Saah added that ” somebody is not enforcing the laws on the road when it comes to road safety so people can break red light, blow horns even when you are in your lane and there is nobody to tell them what they are doing is wrong. We need some police commissioners on the road, we need some spot fines but whether it will be possible is also a tall order because we need a lot of enforcement on the road”.

” When I get to the traffic light and there is a police officer around, it is a different matter, I think we need a lot of police officers on the road and people will get acclimatize to it”.

Post source : Neil Nii Amatey Kanarku | citinewsroom.com | [email protected]

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