May 24, 2019


We’ll sanction officials engaged in extortion – NIA

We’ll sanction officials engaged in extortion – NIA NIA Director of Public Affairs, Francis Palmdeti

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has condemned the reported cases of extortion against some of its registration officials.

It says such acts are criminal and will be handled as such when officers are found out.

The Authority has already announced the dismissal of eleven officials and the suspension of five others for various offences.

Citi News reported on allegations of extortion against some of the registration officials working within the Kaneshie, Kwashieman and Awoshie Centres.

The Head of Corporate Communications at the NCA, Francis Palmdeti, told Citi News the Authority will not condone criminality and unprofessional behaviour.

“This is unfortunate because the NIA processes require you to pay no money. There is no fee charged for the registration of the Ghana card and so if anything like that is going on we frown upon it.”

“We do not condone it and we think that such persons will have to report it because it is criminal and unacceptable. Any official of ours engaging in such acts of corruption will have to be sanctioned. Anything that has to do with bribery and corruption is criminal and we will involve the Police in addressing such matters.”

The Authority has already arrested one person in possession of equipment belonging to the NIA.

The Head of Corporate Affairs at the NIA, ACI Francis Palmdeti, who confirmed the arrest on Eyewitness News said it will cooperate with the police to get to the bottom of the matter.


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