June 26, 2019


Woman leads demo over clashes in Chereponi

Woman leads demo over clashes in Chereponi

Residents of Chereponi embarked on a demonstration on Thursday to register their displeasure over insecurity in the district occasioned by recurrent clashes between Konkombas and Anufuls.

The residents are also opposed to a decision by the Regional Security Council to ban the use of motorbikes in the area.

The REGSEC on Thursday announced a ban on motorbikes in the area, with the exception of civil servants and essential service providers after renewed clashes erupted.

The demonstrators believe the decision will affect the security needs of residents since motorbikes are what they use to mobilize themselves anytime they are under attack.

Addressing the crowd, a resident, Hajia Hawa Bukari called on the President to intervene.

“We the women and children are here to let Nana Addo know that the security situation in our community keeps deteriorating every day. There are sporadic attacks at every community away from Chereponi.”

Last month there were reprisal attacks in Chereponi, leaving many especially women and children displaced after their homes were razed.

The women and children who fled their communities during the conflict had to result to begging for basic supplies to survive.

The people who are now internally displaced and living in a crowded space now struggle for food, water and clothes.

The National Peace Council in an attempt to ease the chaos of the conflict called for a swift implementation of the recommendations by the fact-finding committee on the Anuful/Konkomba conflict.

Meanwhile sixteen persons have been arrested following reprisal attacks in Chereponi in the North East Region.

One of the suspects who fired at security personnel was shot in the thigh and is receiving treatment at Chereponi hospital under security guard.

Ghana has no space for ‘unnecessary conflicts and violence’ – Akufo-Addo

President Nana Akufo-Addo had asked the chiefs and people of Chereponi to bring to a halt the incidents of conflict and violence that have plagued the town.

“The time has come to bring these incidences of violence and conflicts to an end. The Ghana that we are trying to build does not have space for conflicts and unnecessary violence. Please let peace remain in this part of the country,” he said.

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