June 26, 2019


Rejoinder: Hotline Documentary – ¢81m road projects turn ¢395m after completion

Rejoinder: Hotline Documentary – ¢81m road projects turn ¢395m after completion

Our attention has been drawn to a Joy News article in which certain attributions have been made concerning First Sky Limited.
Indeed our company was awarded the contract for the Reconstruction of the Trom Junction – Somanya – Kpong Project at a cost of 30.8 million cedis . This included construction of drains, culverts, earthworks, subbase,stabilized base and sealing works . This we did and handed over 100% complete.

However, a separate contract was thereafter awarded to a different construction firm to undertake an asphalt overlay on the same stretch of road. This Asphalt overlay was not done by us, neither were we consulted . It has come to our knowledge that there have been some sectional failures of the asphalt overlay which has developed into some potholes on the corridor. We therefore wish to make it known that First Sky Limited is not responsible for the asphalt failures being experienced on that project. The last 4 km of that corridor which was not asphalted, but was constructed by us , remains intact and in very good condition.

Secondly there was an attribution of project cost overrun as a result of delays which is FALSE . This was as a result of a variation order of 4.6 million cedis issued to us on the main contract to construct the Somanya bypass from the Yilo Krobo District assembly to the Somanya- Akuse Junction Road . Engineers did this to divert traffic from the main Somanya Township through this bypass for travellers. This road has greatly reduced traffic in the Somanya township especially at the roundabout since most commuters without business in Somanya mainly use this route to Akuse, Akosombo and Ho etc, as it is shorter and faster.

I further wish to state that this information is verifiable from the relevant government agencies.
We will continue to work diligently in the utmost interest of mother Ghana.

Thank You
Ing. Ernest Hammond
CEO- First Sky Limited

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