June 17, 2019


5th Avenue extension road renamed in honour of Dr. Noguchi

5th Avenue extension road renamed in honour of Dr. Noguchi

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has renamed the 5th Avenue Extension Road at Cantonments in honour of the late Dr. Hideyo Noguchi as part of efforts aimed at strengthening ties between Ghana and Japan.

Dr. Hideyo Noguchi was a Japanese Researcher and Scientist, who travelled to the then Gold Coast in 1927, to research Yellow Fever. His research led to scientists developing a vaccine for yellow fever.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry, at the ceremony, indicated that the Japanese Government has been a significant contributor to the Ghanaian economy; notably in agriculture, education, health, energy, finance and infrastructural development.

In the area of Health, the government of Japan has helped in the construction of the CHPS compounds across the country, through the donation of medical equipment and the training of medical doctors.

In addition to that, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) at the University of Ghana, Legon, remains an iconic symbol of the longstanding friendship between the two countries.

At the short sod-cutting ceremony to unveil the street’s new name, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Habib Tijani, said “Ghana and Japan have a long working relationship. A lot of activities have been undertaken between the two countries… Yellow fever is a strong disease and the institution (NMIMR), one of the excellent institutions working to overcome all illnesses associated with yellow fever, and that is the importance we attach to this road.

“That is why we think that having come up with this, having worked on it again, we think it is important that we should do this as an honour to the great man. On behalf on the Minister and the Government of Ghana, I name this street, Dr. Noguchi Street.”

In response the Ambassador of Japan to Ghana, Mr. Tsutomi Himeno said “…on behalf of the people and the government of Japan, thank you for this pleasant surprise. This was a pleasant surprise to me because the idea did not come from the Japanese side. The idea came from the Ghanaian side.

“As the deputy Minister expressed, reflecting the very thoughtful consideration about what medical doctor Noguchi did many years ago for the people of Ghana… I am very happy to be here, and thank you very much”.

The ceremony ended with a short walk on the newly-named Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Street.

By: Bervelyn Longdon | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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