June 27, 2019


Lecturer urges girls to consider tech-based careers

Lecturer urges girls to consider tech-based careers

A lecturer at All Nations University is urging women to opt for tech-based careers.

According to Dr. Anita Antwiwaa, the Head of Department for Electronics and Communication Engineering at the school, the time has come to support women to venture into these male-dominated career fields.

“The population of women has outnumbered that of men in this country meaning that we need a lot of women to take up careers in the areas of ICT, engineering and other technological areas in Africa.”

She also called on government to provide the necessary support to make the many dreams of women who are interested in science, technology and innovation come true.

“We all know that the population of youth in Africa is growing at a faster rate and very soon we will need these women who are the majority to drive the technological space. The world is fastly moving towards the era of intense technology and very soon everything will be high tech technology. From our mobile phones to the design of artificial intelligence which may take over the work of many very soon.”

“So at a point in time, the way we think will have to be technological and women in technical vocational education and training should be able to know more about technology because we have a lot of young women we need to train in Africa to be abreast with changing trends in the world and working environments.”

“My advice to the youth especially ladies is that they need to take up careers in technological areas like electronics, telecommunications, mechanical engineering to help us grow as a nation. Because when you take a look at the trends now, the countries that have made commitments in harnessing the potentials of their youth are getting all the advantage and benefits and if we want to rub shoulders with them then it means we need to invest in our youth especially the girl child.”

Dr Anita Antwiwaa further called on the government to provide the necessary logistics to support the private institutions drive to harnessing the potentials of the youth in technology and innovation.

“We can not do anything without government support because they control the educational sector. So if they do not provide the tools, logistics, equipment and other important components needed to train the youth then the private sector can not do much because their hands are tied up”.

By: Neil Nii Amatey Kanarku | citinewsroom.com | [email protected]

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