Nepotism in GOC list for Commonwealth Games?

Nepotism in GOC list for Commonwealth Games?

There are reports suggesting that some persons perceived to be relatives of the Ghana Olympic Committee’s first Vice President, Paul Atchoe, and the President of the Ghana Swimming Association, Theophilus Edzie, were included in the Long List presented to the Commonwealth Games officials by the GOC.

Citi Sports sources say the document listed a certain Sampson Atchoe and Martin Atchoe, as members of Ghana’s Beach Volleyball team, with Alexander Edzie, as an official for Swimming.

Although Ghana failed to qualify for the Beach Volleyball event in Gold Coast, all those on the list submitted could still travel to Australia as they had the valid accreditation to do so.

Ghana’s participation at the on-going Commonwealth Games has been rocked with allegations of visa fraud, after at least 50 Ghanaians were deported from Australia for being ‘non-genuine travelers’ with others claiming to be journalists.

The GOC has been accused by certain quarters of being complicit in the matter, and the latest revelation somewhat gives credence to the allegations.

Citi Sports has been trying to reach officials of the Ghana Olympic Committee for a response, and official documentation concerning the full contingent to Australia.

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