June 18, 2019


Daddy Lumba look-alike Anokye Supremo dies after surgery in India

Daddy Lumba look-alike Anokye Supremo dies after surgery in India

Highlife musician, Emmanuel Kwame Anokye,  known in showbiz as Anokye Supremo, has died in India.

A friend who accompanied him to India to undergo a surgery for a brain tumor, broke the news to Kofi TV in a live video.

Anokye has been in India for the past few weeks undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor which left him partially blind.

The artiste, formerly known as Daddy Lumba Jnr., had been in coma for some weeks since the operation at the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Mukundapur in India.

It took Anokye Supremo a while to raise money through donations for the surgery in India.

Before he went to India, he told citinewsroom.com that the whole thing started in October 2018, after he experienced severe headache.

A few days ago, it was reported that the surgery had been done, but he had been in coma.

“It started in October and I thought it was migraine. I went to the hospital and was told I had a tumor in my head which has caused an enlargement in my left eye. I can’t see with my left eye. It is gradually bulging out of the eye socket. I am really suffering. For about 3 weeks now, I have been indoors,” he said at the time.

Watch the video announcing his death:


Posted by KOFI TV on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Daddy Lumba look-alike changes name after lawsuit

In April 2018, the relatively unknown musician, Kwame Anokye, widely known as Daddy Lumba Junior for his similar looks and style, changed his name following a suit filed by Daddy Lumba against him for impersonation.

According to the young artiste who has always taken inspiration from Daddy Lumba, he decided to change his name to save him the wrath of his ‘godfather.’

“I have now chosen Anokye Supremo. I think it also portrays my brand and since I don’t want to have issues with Daddy, I have decided to drop DL Junior for this,” he had told citinewsroom.com in an exclusive interview.

On 17th January, 2018, Daddy Lumba filed a lawsuit at the Accra High Court alleging that Kwame Anokye also known as DL Junior, had claimed to be his son and even impersonated him to get gifts from people.

He further alleged that Anokye had a history of impersonating him since his appearance on a TV Africa-produced reality show, ‘Just Like You’ which was produced in 2010.

‘Just Like You’ was a reality TV show which gave artistes the platform to mimic their favourite celebrities. DL Junior, on that show imitated Daddy Lumba.

After the show, Kwame Anokye (DL Jnr.) who has similar looks as Daddy Lumba has been plying his trade as a musician.

The plaintiff stated that since the name Daddy Lumba was exclusively associated to him within the music industry and that no one goes by that name, the defendant’s imitation and misrepresentation has affected his reputation, business and goodwill and the brand as a whole.

The case is still in pending in court even though DL Junior (now Anokye Supremo) had sent a delegation of music stakeholders to plead with Daddy Lumba to withdraw the case from court.

DL Junior is known for his songs Befa Me, Efri Nea Efire and Hye Wo Ho Den, Krom Aye De, among others.

By: Kwame Dadzie | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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